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Misadventures of a weretiger

The adventures of a displaced weretiger.
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This community is more a location where I can share parts of my writing with you. I've recently gotten back on a writing kick, and want somewhere to share portions of what I scribe so that people can read and even give feedback on the segments. Most of this writing as present is based around two characters of mine, who have a rather odd history, which I will detail in the first post.

The basic rules:
1. No open posts. Period. All posts made to this community will be locked to the members of this community. Mistakes happen, so if you forget to lock a post, it's not going to be the end of the world. Repeated failures of this one will get you booted.

2. This is mostly for my writing, and as such, anything posted here as a "writing excerpt" remains the property of the post author, as long as the work is original. For the scribblers out there among the readers, if you would like comments on writing of your own, feel free to post it.

3. Constructive criticism only. This is your only warning, and anyone violating this rule will be banned on the spot. If a moderator feels that you're "bashing" or otherwise trying to negatively affect someone, you are gone.

4. Discussions about non-original writing are allowed, but please keep these to a minimum. This place exists more as a display of our original writing talents, and not our desire to write like someone else.

More to be added as they become necessary.

By requesting to join this community, you agree to abide by the above rules. If you have an issue with them, contact one of the moderators, and we can discuss which rules you have issues with.